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As the BL GLOBAL family, we offer the best quality and the most suitable opportunities for heavy load - project transportation and low-bed sizes out of gauge for all your import and export shipments to European countries. We are honored to provide you with fast, economical and reliable service for all your international import/export shipments with our experienced and expert staff and a strong logistics system that can renew itself according to changing political, economic, social and natural environmental conditions. Heavy freight transportation is the process of transporting loads outside the standard dimensions safely and in a short time with special equipment and vehicles. This transportation service is not just about taking the loads from one place to another. It should also be supported with assembly, storage and insurance services in line with the customer's request. Normal transport companies cannot carry out heavy transport transportation; because the vehicles and equipment normally used for this transport are not sufficient. Since heavy transport includes not only intercity but also inter-country transport, it should be carried out by companies that have knowledge of country procedures and can make accurate road analysis. Ağır nakliye hizmeti ile neler taşınır?
    • – Transformer
    • – Container construction site
    • – Turbine
    • – Power Plants
    • – Generator
    • – Exhibition stands and equipment
    • – Yacht and boat
    • – Silos
    • – Truck transport and heavy vehicles
    • – Large and heavy loads that are difficult to transport, such as construction machines, are transported.
What are the characteristics of heavy transport companies? Transporting heavy transport requires great effort and care. Special equipment and vehicles are needed to safely transport large and heavy loads. Trailers and towing vehicles suitable for standard-sized loads and heavy loads transported in the company of a pioneer vehicle must be transported to the desired location in the safest and shortest time. Employees of heavy transport companies have to be professional. Heavy transportation is a transportation process that requires engineering knowledge, as well as knowing the geographical and road information, since the cargo is transported both within the city and abroad, it means the transportation of the cargo in a short time and safely. Information such as route analysis, country procedures and with which equipment the transportation will be carried out should also be among the topics that heavy transport company employees know and experience.