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International Railway Transportation is a type of transportation that enables companies to receive services without incurring very high costs for the transportation of heavy and bulky loads. In our country, BL GLOBAL LOGISTICS is one of the leading railway transportation companies and offers alternative transportation services in rail transportation, which is the most important of the basic transportation models of the developed western world. Railway transportation is a transportation model that has been attracting increasing attention in recent years, as it is reliable, human dependency and thus the risk of error is minimized, competitive costs can be created, advantages on the route and creating an environmentally friendly solution. The speed capacities of the vehicles used in the railway transportation type show parallelism according to the type and nature of the transportation service provided. The transfer of underground resources such as coal, iron and agricultural and forestry products to buyer centers is generally done by rail transport. Railway transportation is both environmentally friendly and provides a significant cost advantage in long-distance transportation service needs. Since it is suitable for mass transportation, it has the benefit of reducing the densities caused by other types of transportation (for example, the load of traffic on highways). Considering the situation that the highways are in in bad weather conditions in transportation, railways become more convenient for transporting not only certain loads, but all loads. International Rail Freight Offers Some Advantages Compared to Other Transport Types
  • – It is an environmentally friendly type of transportation.
  • – It is safer than other types of transport.
  • – Relieves the road traffic load.
  • – Generally, unlike other transportation alternatives, there is a long-term fixed price guarantee. In international transits, there are transit restrictions on the road, while transit superiority is given because it is a type of transportation preferred by transit countries. Although transit times are slightly longer than the highway, the duration of the trips is fixed.
  • – It is the most suitable transport type for heavy tonnage and bulky loads.