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BL GLOBAL EXPRESS is able to provide the best service to its customers with its vehicles with a capacity of 17m³ / 1.300-1500 Kg within 48 hours, depending on the region, in transportation between our country and all European countries; Thus, our customers can get the service they get in air shipment faster and cheaper. BL GLOBAL EXPRESS can be reached with BL GLOBAL EXPRES Apart from land, air and sea transportation, Minivan Express Service offers its customers a faster and timely transportation experience between Turkey and Europe. Our specially equipped minivan vehicles with a maximum capacity of 1300-1500 kg are delivered to all Balkan countries 24 hours a day, primarily Germany; We carry out express service deliveries to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, England, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and other European countries in 48 hours. Minivan Express Cargo Transportation, according to air transportation; can provide a faster and more economical delivery.